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Discipleship: God's Design for Us $12

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Anatomy of an Arrow by Kenny Thacker -- 1 Part of Wildman 3-Part DVD Set
Description: Dudley Hall, Russell Thornberry, and Kenny Thacker share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by way of hunting analogies.
Story Line DVD and Bible Study Series
Description: This 10-video group bible study is an introduction to Christocentric interpretation; approaching the scriptures with Jesus as the topic. Jesus is the big story of the bible that makes sense of all the little stories.

Featured in Other Works
"Just South of Forever", compiled by Mark Wyatt and Mary Ann Wyatt

Kerygma Ventures Family Reunion CD Sets

Whatever was affected by the fall has been affected by the resurrection.
-Sound Words
Our joy, peace and security does not depend on a promise we've made to God; our joy, peace and security depends on a promise God has made to us.
-Sound Words
The gospel doesn't make all your dreams come true, the news is much better than that. The gospel is about God's dream for your life coming true.
-Sound Words
People with orphan mind sets always turn promises into commands. Sons see commands as promises.
-Sound Words

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